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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is one of the two teams in the second stage of Village Of ObjectsTV was gonna name the team something else but glitched when trying to say it, making the team end up as what it is.


Name Gender Team Icon Ranking Episode voted off No. of votes at elimination Total Votes
Candy Corn Female CandyCorn TeamIcon.png 8th ''Up'' 814 1183
TV Female TV TeamIcon.png 7th "Surprise" (1st time),

"Fixing" (2nd time)

9 (1st time), 4 (2nd time) 151
Orange Juice Male OrangeJuice TeamIcon.png 9th "Growing" 3 58
Smoothie Female Smoothie TeamIcon.png 10th "Blue Void" 396 502
Conditioner Female Conditioner TeamIcon.png 12th "Run" 246 252